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Controversial Houston Activist Candice Matthews Exposes Alleged Mismanagement Of City Funds And Files Federal Lawsuit Against Prairie View City Council

Controversial Houston activist Candice Matthews posted a video to her TikTok account showing her calling out a Prairie View City Council member during a council meeting over the mismanagement of city funds.

In the video, Matthews says that the council member used funds from the City of Prairie View to purchase lingerie, repair a classic Corvette, and possibly get the vehicle insured. In the video, members of the council attempt to gain control of the situation but cannot.

According to her website, Matthews is the National Minister of Politics for the New Black Panther Nation and the Statewide/Harris County Accountability Chair for the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.

Matthews directed her attention to David Allen and called for council members to get the District Attorney to begin the process of impeaching Allen for his alleged behavior while in control of taxpayer funds. Matthews also reminded the audience, “This is what y’all paid for,” while holding up a red brassiere in the general direction of the crowd behind her at the meeting.

In another video posted to her TikTok account from another meeting with the same city council group, Matthews informs the city council that its members will be hit with a federal lawsuit and presented three boxes she said were filled with damning evidence against them. Her proof was pulled directly from a forensic accounting report and correspondence between Matthews and council members, allegedly showing that the city council is responsible for the gross mismanagement of federal funds and is guilty of negligence. At the end of that second video, Prairie View City Council members are served with a federal lawsuit.

Matthews discussed what led to her bringing federal charges against the city council with Phillip Scott in a segment for African Diaspora News in the Longview News-Journal. 

Matthews told Scott, “What kills me is you have a lot of our Black people who tell me ‘you going hard on Black people, you going hard on them.’ No, I’m going hard on agents of white supremacy, cause if you doing things and you stealing from your own people and you disenfranchising your own people, you are an agent of white supremacy and I am going to smash the gas on you.”

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