Making Money Moves: Cardi B Debuts New ‘Whipshots’ Deal with Starco Brands

Cardi B is on to another business venture and this time its oh so sweet.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper announced she is launching her own alcohol-infused whipped cream called “Whipshots.”

The rapper is partnering with Starco Brand. The company described Whipshots as a “playful shot of sophistication, indulgence and luxury to any drink or party.” It is also dairy free. 

In a statement Card B said, “I’m so excited to join Starco Brands with this incredible opportunity. Whipshots matches my style—over the top, sexy, unique. Together we’re completely innovating whipped cream and giving it an extra pop. Whipshots is Cardi in a can.”

Whipshots does not have an official release date as of yet, but it is expected to be on store shelves in December. 

Meanwhile, Cardi B is turning out to be quite the businesswoman, as she continues to launch successful brands.

Cardi B using her signature catchphrase “Okurr” debuted her partnership with Pepsi at the 2019 Superbowl and since has partnered with the brand to help it expand. 


Cardi B also unveiled one of her latest clothing and sneaker collections with Reebok.The deal has now entered its second year and just recently relaased an NYC inspired collection dubbed ” Let Me Be…In My World.”


The rapper inked a deal for her own doll. Cardi celebrated strong women everywhere as the launched her own “Real Women” doll. The deal was a partnership with the Real Women Are, a brand that creates dolls that are inspired by influential women of color to give kids diverse and inclusive toys.

Cardi also teamed up with Facebook for her very own variety show, #CardiTries on their Facebook Messenger app. In the series Cardi attempts to try something new, like teaching , ballet, stunt car driving and  firefighting.

Cardi B recently welcomed her second child with husband Offset.