‘Cash Stuffing’ Helped Business Owner Jasmine Taylor Clear Up Debts: Business Heads Towards $1M This Year

‘Cash Stuffing’ Helped Business Owner Jasmine Taylor Clear Up Debts: Business Heads Towards $1M This Year

It’s called cash stuffing. Get into it.

Jasmine Taylor, the owner of Baddies and Budgets, has made her duties as an influencer significant to her follower’s pockets, teaching people an old-school method that will help people pay off debt and keep them from overspending.

Reportedly, after the businesswoman crossed paths with the idea of cash stuffing on YouTube, she implemented the method in her financial routine and pulled herself out of the nearly $70,000 debt she had accumulated.

The cash-stuffing budgeting method requires one to withdraw cash from the top of each paycheck or at the beginning of the month and place a planned amount into labeled envelopes. Each envelope is stuffed with dedicated money for rent, groceries, utilities, and more expenses.

Taylor tried the method for herself, racking up a grand within her first few months. “I looked into the envelope, and it had been sitting there for a while, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I haven’t needed this,’” she told the outlet.

After a year of cash stuffing, she found she could clear up her medical and credit card debts. “It’s a really surreal feeling when you’re a person who has mismanaged money all their life, when you finally get to the point where it’s like, ‘OK, I can do this.’” Taylor shared her success with the method on TikTok and across other social channels, influencing others to try it for themselves.

Using the zero-based budget helped Taylor turn her finances around. “That means you start your budget with whatever your paycheck number is, and you give every dollar a place to go, down to zero,” she said. Taylor has implemented the budgeting method into her Baddies and Budgets business, leading her toward a goal of $1 million, which she is set to make this year.

Those interested in using the cash stuffing method are encouraged to examine spending habits and financial goals before commencing the process.