Chance the Rapper Questions ‘Why Joe Biden Would Be Better’ Than Kanye West as President

Billionaire rapper and businessman Kanye West recently announced via Twitter that he is running for the office of the President of United States, although he hasn’t filed any paperwork to make it official. In addition to the support of his wife Kim Kardashian West and tech magnate Elon Musk, fellow Chicago artist Chance the Rapper has “endorsed” West over the present Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

Chance, through his Twitter account, publicly supported voting West into office. After West released his latest song, DONDA, which is dedicated to his late mother, and brought attention to the song via Twitter, Chance took that opportunity to ‘endorse’ West.

Even asking his followers and fellow Twitter users if Biden would be better than President Trump.

Chance continued throughout the day asking pertinent questions seemingly trying to weigh the reactions and comments on his support of West and the temperature of people’s mindset toward the upcoming election.

Chance also weighed in on the responses he received on the topic of this election.

And then finally, he admitted that West winning the White House is improbable.