A Checklist to Optimize and Manage Your Professional Online Presence

A Checklist to Optimize and Manage Your Professional Online Presence

Your online presence is just as important as your résumé. If you’re ready to attract next-level opportunities such as expanding into new markets, landing a new job, or getting promoted at work, make sure you’re promoting a positive online presence.


Here’s a checklist for effectively managing your online presence:

Optimize Your Online Presence


  • Can someone Google your full legal name? Listen, we’ve reached a point where people will Google your name before they decide to do business with you. So if you’re looking to gain exposure for your brand or business, hiding behind a pseudonym will get you nowhere.


  • Do you have a professional website and at least two public social media accounts which communicate and demonstrate the value you are providing to others? People hire and do business with people they can trust. One of the best ways to build trust is to showcase your work and create content that speaks to the needs of your audience.


  • Do you cross promote your social media profiles? Cross promoting your profiles and blog post improves your online visibility.


  • Have you asked at least three members of your network to provide web testimonials or LinkedIn recommendations that describe their experiences working with you?


  • Are you sharing content related to your area of expertise, passions, social causes, or interest? Sharing content can help you find your audience and build a community.


Manage Your Online Reputation


  • Did you set a Google Alert for your full name? Hiring managers use Google to screen applicants and someone interested in doing business with you may Google you before they meet you in person. So it’s extremely important for you to do periodic reviews of your online presence. Based on the preferences you set when someone mentions your name, topics, or trends, Google will notify you via email.


  • Are your social profiles up to date with your correct title, employer, or business name? Are your profiles consistent across social platforms? Does your brand have a consistent look and feel across social networks? Consistency builds trust and trust builds relationships—especially online.