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Chris Brown Credits Net Worth To Burger King Franchises, Profit Share Deal, And Owning His Masters

Chris Brown reveals the smart business decisions he made early in his career that aided in his reported $100 million net worth.

Chris Brown is breaking down his reported $100 million net worth acquired through music and smart business decisions at a young age.

The singer/actor has been entertaining audiences since his musical inception at age 16 with his hit single “Run It” off his self-titled debut album. He recently appeared on Tank’s “R&B Money” podcast, where he explained the investments he started to make early in his career that set him up for financial success.

According to the “Yo” singer, a year after releasing his Billboard chart-topping debut album, the then-17-year-old decided to invest in Burger King franchises. He currently owns 14 locations of the fast food giant, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

“I was 17 when I started trying to invest in things, just because I knew, unless you touring you don’t know how long you going to be successful,” Brown told Tank in a clip reposted online.

Brown noted how a lot of music artists give off the appearance of being financially well off, but unless they’re “consistently touring,” the singer says, they “need an exit strategy.” Realizing this early on motivated the “Wall to Wall” singer to invest his money into business endeavors.

After proving his ability as an artist with the success of his first two albums, Brown knew he wanted more ownership of his career.

“When I started getting into the music side, the executive side, I was 25,” he revealed.

His hit songs “Loyal,” “Look at Me Now,” and many others were already doing numbers and building his fan base. Having completed his initial recording contract, Brown shares how he was able to “negotiate” a profit share deal with his record label.

“Now that I have leverage as an actual artist, I don’t want to be an artist. I want to be 50/50 profit share with you,” he explained.

He credited his thought process to wanting the same deal Birdman had with Universal. He applauds himself for being one of the youngest artists at the time to secure such a lucrative record deal. Once Brown had a 50/50 profit share, he went on to obtain ownership of his masters by the time he was “27 or 28,” he said.

“Being able to have that type of structured deal,” he said before thanking a few of his business mentors at the time.

Brown’s reported net worth ranges from $50 – $145 million when searching the internet. In addition to his Burger King franchises, owning his masters, and having a 50/50 profit share, the “Go Crazy” singer also launched his clothing line, Black Pyramid, and operated a record label under Interscope called CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment).

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