Christian Combs Named In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The alleged victim claims that the 26-year-old sexually assaulted her in late December 2022 on a yacht.

One of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ sons, Christian “King” Combs, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a new lawsuit. Diddy is also named in the suit.

According to NBC New York, the paperwork was filed on April 4 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The alleged victim, Grace O’Marcaigh, claims that the 26-year-old “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” recording artist sexually assaulted her in late December 2022. She alleged the incident happened while working on a boat charter that had been “sold as a wholesome family excursion” but turned into a “hedonistic environment.”

The lawsuit states that Christian is accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and infliction of emotional distress. His father is named in the suit for premises liability because he chartered the yacht and for aiding and abetting Christian in the alleged assault.

O’Marcaigh’s attorney is also the lawyer for Lil Rod, the music producer who is also accusing Diddy of sexual assault and other charges.

“Like father, like son,” Tyrone Blackburn stated after filing the lawsuit. “It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs who has clearly adopted his father’s pattern and practice of depravity.”

O’Marcaigh alleges in the lawsuit that she was told that Christian would be coming on the yacht to record with Lil Rod in a makeshift studio on Dec. 28, 2022. Amid the partying being done by the people, she witnessed drugs and a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers” among the guests and celebrities on board. She suspected that bottles of alcohol were laced with drugs as she saw women start to fall over themselves, panic, or pass out after having just one drink.

She said that Christian arrived “heavily intoxicated” and paid close attention to her. He pressured her to take shots of tequila that she thinks he may have brought with him. After she took one, he became aggressive and demanded she drink more. She said the situation “escalated,” and he groped her legs, breast, anus, and vagina.

Christian allegedly drugged and assaulted her, and she states that she has audio recordings proving that she denied his advances as he groped her. Lil Rod recorded the audio clips. She said in the recordings you can hear her declining the alcohol, telling him she had to leave, and admonishing Christian to stop touching her.

She said the alleged assault has deeply affected her mental health as well as her professional and personal lives. After complaining to the yacht captain, who reportedly didn’t believe her, the litigant claimed the captain retaliated against her until she was terminated in May 2023.

Her mental health deteriorated, and O’Marcaigh alleges that the emotional strain affected her and that she developed an eating disorder and epileptic seizures following the assault.

She is seeking unspecified damages.