College Graduate Creates Virtual Mirror That Allows Customers to Try Items Before Purchasing

The Muse Mirror started out as an idea for an anniversary gift for Toye Onikoyi‘s longtime girlfriend that would later become a life-changing product for the business owner.

The virtual mirror allows consumers to try on various items, including lipsticks and clothes, before purchasing them online. On January 16, during an interview with WBZ, Onikoyi shared that he turned this design into a lucrative business because of the many positive reviews and requests he received online after his girlfriend shared the item on her social media account.



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Following the viral moment, the University of Rhode Island graduate, with the help of some of his friends, including Etebom Samuel, Kelechi Agwunobi, and Larry Adigun, was able to release The Muse Mirror in March 2022.



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Onikoyi, who describes the virtual mirror as a giant tablet, also revealed that The Muse Mirror can use third-party apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, for streaming purposes.

Despite that, Onikoyi told the news outlet the significance behind The Muse Mirror stems from fulfilling the consumers’ needs and desires regarding online shopping. “Right now, there’s not a good way to try on products at home before you purchase it. Clothing that may not fit you, makeup where you don’t really understand that this foundation isn’t right for you,” he said.

Toward the end of the interview, Onikoyi opens up about his future plans for The Muse Mirror. “I see The Muse Mirror as the mirror that everyone has in their home. I see it as a bridge between retail and e-commerce,” he said.

Although Onikoyi has not released many details regarding how much profit he made from The Muse Mirror, which costs $999.99, it has been revealed that the company will start offering live sessions with makeup artists and releasing a mobile app.

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