Coming To Your Earbuds Soon: Black Enterprise’s New Podcast For And About Women Entrepreneurs

Around here, we’re talking the whole “new year, new you” thing very seriously with the launch of a brand-new podcast for and about women entrepreneurs.

Under the banner of SistersInc., our content created specifically for the growing numbers of black women entrepreneurs, the biweekly podcast presented by Nationwide launches on Wednesday, January 8th.

In the first episode, Erica Barrett, the chef behind Southern Culture Artisan Foods, gives us the inside scoop on her experience on Shark Tank and the even more amazing story of how she climbed out of $500,000 in debt to make her company profitable again.

Each new episode will bring the candid stories of successful women entrepreneurs, telling—in their own words—how they became their own boss and how they continue to overcome the challenges of being a black woman in business. From a best-selling author who decided to go into business for herself after she was fired from her job while she was 8 months pregnant to a boutique owner who used her sparkling personality to become a one-woman shopping network, selling millions of dollars of goods on Facebook, these CEOs open up about their biggest setbacks and greatest achievements.

In the process, they share valuable lessons that any entrepreneur, regardless of gender or race, can leverage about the nuts and bolts of business, such as establishing multiple revenue streams, using social media to boost your bottom line, and creating a winning e-commerce strategy. And they serve as inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and validation to fledgling founders, that the resilience and resourcefulness of black women are just as powerful in business are they are in life.

So if your 2020 plans include walking into the the new year like a boss, check out the SistersInc. podcast. Hosted by Black Enterprise Executive Managing Editor Alisa Gumbs, new episodes will be available every two weeks on, iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.