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50 Cent Reportedly Threatened By Former Drug Dealer Who Claims ‘Power’ TV is Based on His Life Story

Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr. has accused 50 Cent of threatening his family after filing a $1 billion lawsuit claiming the rapper stole his life story.

The legal feud between a former drug dealer and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has turned ugly.

Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr. filed a $1 billion lawsuit against 50 Cent, Power creator Courtney Kemp, Starz, and Lionsgate in 2021 claiming that “Power” is loosely based on his life story. He states he gave Kemp’s father a CD titled, Blasphemy, which mirrors the story told in Power.

Now, according to AllHipHop, Holland made veiled threats to 50 Cent’s attorneys via email.

Holland has previously accused the Get Rich Or Die Trying rapper of “pulling up” to his place of residence, not once, but twice in 2021, in response to him filing the lawsuit against 50 Cent.

In the letter obtained by AllHipHop, Holland says, “If a motherf**ker gets killed because your motherf**king client threaten me and my family, file a motherf**king motion for that. I ain’t playing with your motherf**king client no more, next time he or anyone he sends pull up, f**k the litigation.”

An attorney for 50 expressed their concern for the threat insinuated by Holland to Judge Analisa Torres, who is overseeing the lawsuit proceedings.

“This language can only be understood as a threat of violence against Mr. Jackson and his counsel. We are also in the process of notifying the relevant local authorities,” said the attorney.

When Holland filed the suit, he claimed that in 2007, he mailed a copy of Blasphemy to Kemp’s father. The album had an autobiographical song where he rapped about being a “drug lord.”

He also rapped about falling in love with his “teen crush,” who was Puerto Rican. On the song, he finds out from his drug trafficking partner, who happened to be white, that his love now worked in law enforcement. Holland contends the plot for the original Power series mimics his song.

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