Malcolm Mays, 'Power Book II: Ghost' Premiere, Police

Actor Malcolm Mays Barred From ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Premiere By NYPD

The confrontation between the actor and police officers was captured on video.

Malcolm Mays, an actor in the popular 50 Cent-produced Starz series Power Book III: Raising Kanan, attended the season 4 premiere party for Power Book II: Ghost in New York City on June 6. According to Vibe, New York Police Department officers removed him from the event for unknown reasons.

A witness video picked up the interaction. Two white NYPD police officers are seen grabbing Mays, 34, by the arms and taking him out to the sidewalk. As he is protesting the treatment, he has his hands in the air as he is led outside of the roped barrier. Other individuals are seen approaching the actor seemingly to calm him down, as he walks away from the officers. He is then seen talking to a young woman before walking back toward the building where the police officers are located.

Apparently still frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to enter the event, he is seen talking to the officers. According to Vibe, the actor, musician, and filmmaker asks the officers if they know who he is. They informed him that they did not, to which Mays reportedly responded, “And that’s the problem. You just listen to whoever is talking to you, but when I talk, you don’t want to listen, right? Cause I’m a Black man, but this mothaf**ker got a suit on, so you listening to this b**ch, n**ga.”

Nevertheless, Mays wasn’t allowed to re-enter the venue.

According to AllHipHop, Mays was already seated inside the venue, but went outside for reasons unknown. When the actor tried to re-enter, he was met with resistance from police officers.

Mays has also starred in the series Rebel, Snowfall and Them. He has starred in Raising Kanan since 2021.

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