Da Brat & Jesseca Get Candid About Lack of Black Sperm Donors, ‘We Don’t See No Black People’

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are getting candid about their fertility journey and the lack of Black sperm donors in season 3 of “Brat Loves Judy.”

A new clip from the WeTV series follows the married pair into a fertility clinic visit where they got the chance to select their donor. Brat and Judy share their excitement and nerves with it being the first time either of them “had to handpick a baby daddy,” as Judy put it.

“Well you know I ain’t never had to pick one,” Brat quips, in a clip captured by The Neighborhood Talk. “At least you had one before.”

The only issue is, Brat and Judy were looking to conceive a child with a Black man and were disappointed to learn about the low supply of Black sperm donors.

“We looking through the cryobank thing but we don’t see no Black people,” Da Brat tells their doctor.

“Yeah, that’s a problem,” Doctor A says in response.

“Then it went from thousands of donors down to 224 donors,” Judy adds.

“And not one of them is Black,” Brat says.

Their doctor appears somber as she explains the issue surrounding the lack of Black sperm donors.

“This is an issue. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough Black donors,” Doctor A says. “Black sperm donors. Black egg donors. Unfortunately, the pool is limited.”

But Judy can’t wrap her head around not having a Black “baby daddy.” Brat then cracks a joke on the two Black men she did see in the pool bank and expressed her dissatisfaction with conceiving a child with either of them.

As comical as Brat and Judy made their experience, it actually highlights a real issue plaguing hopeful mothers. Washington Post released an analysis in October 2022 that found Black men account for less than 2% of sperm donors at Cryobanks nationwide.

A common factor behind the low count of Black donors lie in the lack of trust the Black community has for the medical industry, Fox News reports.

“The thought process is that African Americans don’t want to go to the doctor, don’t want to participate in trials, don’t want to donate anything unless they absolutely have to, unless there’s a family member involved,” Dr. Michael Thomas, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine said.

“I think it just goes to that and that’s why you see the numbers so low for African American sperm donors, even though there’s a great need.”

Kudos to Brat and Judy for shedding light on the issue. Maybe it’ll help motivate more Black people to get involved.

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