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DaBaby Requests Trial Postponement Due To Attorney’s ‘Life-Threatening and Rare Disease’

The artist asked a judge to postpone a civil case because his attorney has a "life-threatening and rare disease."

With an expected September trial date, DaBaby has asked the judge to postpone the trial because his attorney has a “life-threatening and rare disease” that has left him unable to work.

According to RadarOnline, DaBaby had paperwork filed against him by Gary Pagar, 65, who says he leased his Los Angeles residence to the “Rockstar” rapper and his associates in 2020. Pagar says he and DaBaby agreed that he wouldn’t have more than 12 people at the home.

The recording artist filmed a music video at the residence with more than 40 people in the house, Pagar says.

When Pagar found out, he went to the home and confronted DaBaby. He claimed the rapper punched him in the face and knocked out several of his teeth. He called the police, but DaBaby left before they arrived. Pagar is asking for unspecified damages for his injuries and damage to his house.

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge scheduled the trial for Sept. 3. DaBaby asked that the case be pushed back to a later date because of medical issues, but the judge rejected his request. Pagar also demanded that the September trial date not be altered.  

But DaBaby recently asked the judge to reconsider due to his lawyer’s disease. In his latest motion, DaBaby claims his attorney, “who was previously diagnosed with a life-threatening and rare disease, was instructed by his medical team that his prognosis regressed, and that he must undergo sustained aggressive treatment and several surgeries that will make him physically unable to work until April 2025.”

He added the lawyer, “was previously instructed by his medical providers that he could return to work in September 2024, but that prognosis changed on March 27, 2024.”

DaBaby is asking for the trial to be scheduled at a later date to give the attorney time to recover.

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