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Mompreneur Jean Noisette Helps Girls Dazzle With Event Planning Company

Jean Noisette, founder and CEO of Dazzle Me Parties, is passionate about helping young girls. Noisette has always felt helping children would be the most fulfilling. She initially had the idea to establish a mobile spa for children to provide a safe space and the opportunity to learn etiquette skills. Eventually, she was inspired to create her event planning company, Dazzle Me Parties.

Noisette’s event planning career started with children’s parties. However, after landing a gig with Hip-Hop mogul T.I. and his R&B star wife, Tiny Harris, Noisette began receiving more requests to plan adult events. She used her experience and skills from working with children to launch successful events for adults.

Dazzle Me Parties 

The name of Noisette’s event planning company was influenced by her desire to inspire children. She focused on creating a name that would embody the idea of making girls feel special. The mission of Dazzle Me Parties centers around “helping, catering, and mentoring—just creating experiences,” the business owner told Black Enterprise

Noisette’s creative process

Noisette also shared details about her creative process with BE. By offering a wide variety of events catering to different ages and industries, Noisette ensures she is “always in [a] creative space.” 

“What we’re doing now is learning to collaborate and just making sure everyone feels special on the team” and acknowledging everyone’s ideas. Afterward, she turns her attention to details like color palettes and themes. 

Dazzle Me Dolls

Noisette oversees a mentorship program called Dazzle Me Dolls, which embodies the characteristics she encourages in young girls. “Once they’re [the participants] at an age where they can work … their role is huge, and I always make sure that they know that.”

Noisette promotes autonomy for the Dolls, and they play a major role in setting up events. For each event, if there are areas for improvement, “we go back, we learn, and we teach,” Noisette said of guiding the mentees. The learning experiences allow the girls to grow as individuals and possibly future business owners.

Noisette highlighted Dazzle Me Doll Cintia, a Spelman College graduate and former U.S. Marine. Cintia returned to the Dazzle family to help prepare young girls for college. “It’s not just working for a company; it’s a sisterhood. It’s family,” Noisette pointed out.

When selecting a Dazzle Me Doll, Noisette looks for young girls who are responsible, kind, and coachable. 

Advice for aspiring business owners

Noisette offered advice for young girls and women aspiring to start a business: “Keep going, work hard, and stay consistent. The results aren’t going to come right now, but they will come.”

“You have to give it time, put in the work, and just watch it manifest,” she continued.

As an entrepreneur, Noisette said it is important to use setbacks and challenges as lessons. When doubts come amid setbacks, Noisette believes it’s important to remember the “why” behind starting a business and use that as passion to drive success.  

She attributes being a mother to “90% of her push.”

“Being a mother, it always takes me back to my children and how I would want grace applied … to my children,” she shares. “You try to separate being a mother, but you just can’t in business.” 

Noisette continues, “I don’t want to take away from business owners that are not mothers … it is special to me. It makes me so much more understanding. I’ve always had a soft spot and can kind of tell … when kids are in need, and they’re going through something.

“It’s OK to be firm, and it’s OK to be nice. As long as you’re consistent and it’s genuine … that’s fine.”

Noisette’s A-list clientele

The mother and event planner has an extensive list of notable clients, such as Tammy and rapper Waka Flocka whom she organized a vow renewal ceremony. She also planned the wedding of Toya Johnson and Red Rushing.

Her client list also includes cast members from The Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, NFL players, television networks such as BET and A-list singers such as Mariah Carey.

Noisette says weddings are the most memorable events. “The ones that allow us to not only cater to them but make sure that their guests have memorable experiences as well because … that’s what our company stands for.”

Tips for entrepreneurs

Noisette offers entrepreneurs three key tips to success and keeping clients happy: maintaining professionalism, organization, and having a strong team. “I just feel like you have to have the passion, and you have to love what you want to do because it is hard. It can be discouraging …, but that passion and that love you have for what you do is always going to kick in.”

Dazzle Me Parties will begin hosting classes focusing on navigating the event industry and self-care throughout the process.  

For questions and inquiries about Dazzle Me Parties, visit dazzlemeparties.com, @dazzlemeparties on Instagram, or Dazzle Me Parties on Facebook.

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