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Future Ordered To Pay Child Support Increase After Court Battle With Son’s Mother

Future suffered a loss after the rapper was ordered to increase his monthly child support for a son he shares with one of his eight baby mamas.

The “Mask Off” rapper has been ordered to pay his ex-girlfriend Brittni Mealy $5,000 a month in child support for their 10-year-old son Prince, Radar Online reports. The increase comes thanks to the jump in Future’s monthly income as compared to what he made when the initial ruling was made in 2014.

Future reportedly makes $30,000 a month, far more than the $14,000 a month Mealy brings in. As a result, a judge said the increased child support is necessary based on the “substantial change in the income and financial status of the Father.”

Back in 2014, Future was ordered to pay Mealy $3,000 a month in child support for Prince. But with all the chart-topping hits, touring, and paid appearances the “March Madness” rapper has acquired since then, the judge found it fit to increase his monthly child support.

The ruling comes two years after Mealy sued Future for additional child support. In her filing, she accused the rapper of failing to “exercise his scheduled parenting time” with their son and believes he should bear “the burden of additional expenses for” their child.

Mealy noted the times when she had to pay for child care during Future’s scheduled time with their son due to him being a no-show. Future shares children with eight women including Mealy, singer Ciara, Jessica Smith, India J, professional dancer Joie Chavis, Eliza Seraphin, Cindy Parker, and one woman who has chosen to remain anonymous.

In 2019, Future opened up about why he wants to settle down, just not with one of his baby’s mothers.

“Yeah I wanna settle down with the right woman. She gotta be the right woman at the right time,” he told Hot 97.

“People be like ‘Why don’t you get with your baby mothers you got six to choose from, why won’t you choose one of them?’ If I choose one the others are gonna get mad. Whoever I choose gon’ start a melee.

“I feel like everyone is at a good place at this point,” he continued. “They understand we family. So it is what it is. We family, we always going to be family. You can’t change that.”

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