Passing With Flying Colors: Delta Air Lines and Adobe Launch 'Faces of Travel' Campaign to Promote Diversity in Advertising
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Passing With Flying Colors: Delta Air Lines and Adobe Launch ‘Faces of Travel’ Campaign to Promote Diversity in Advertising

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Delta Air Lines has partnered with Adobe for a new initiative to promote diversity in advertising for the travel industry, according to a report from NBC News.

The “Faces of Travel” campaign was created to more accurately depict minority travelers around the world with 100 inclusive images of Black and brown people. Photographer, Seo Ju Park worked with a company called Kin to create the images.

Delta’s Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Shannon Womack, said in a statement that the initiative reflects the faces that the airline sees every day traveling.

“Faces of Travel was designed to better reflect the diverse customers we see on our planes every day and ensure they feel seen and heard in broader travel culture,” she said.

“The importance of this initiative goes beyond Delta, and we want to encourage others to take part in this movement because we know that it will take all of us to truly reflect the faces of travel.”

Adobe has 3 million users and has made the stock images free of charge on their website. The images may be downloaded and used for advertising, content creation, and social media. Some of the stock images show people traveling in various countries and include Black couples sightseeing, Black women riding bikes, and Muslim women paddle boarding.

Adobe and Delta Air Lines hope that media professionals will take advantage of the images to create more inclusive content.


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“By making these photos and videos widely available, Delta and Adobe hope to inspire creators, influencers and journalists to present a more inclusive picture of global travel across a wide range of media and content platforms.”

Park added that the airline wanted to normalize that people from all races travel.

“We get to normalize that we all travel—all people from all races, all backgrounds,” said Park. “I just want people to feel secure, that they can explore without having to change who they are—visually or culturally or emotionally.”