Diddy ‘Acts Bad’ And Spends Big Bank On A City Girl’s Shopping Spree

Diddy ‘Acts Bad’ And Spends Big Bank On A City Girl’s Shopping Spree

Diddy strikes out again with his on again-off again partner Yung Miami, one half of the City Girls rap duo. This time the father of seven was seen looking stressed in a Chanel store, as the City Girl flashed wads of cold cash and ran up a pretty healthy shopping tab. It can be assumed the media mogul and DeLeon dealer picked up the tab.

Yung Miami confirmed that Diddy did, indeed, drop dollars on her shopping spree. She shared a recording of their high end outing on Instagram. The caption read: “He wanna sponsor my #ACTBAD Thank you Papi,” and closed with a diversity of heart emojis. 

There are a couple of moments when a very wealthy Diddy looks pressed and perturbed as Yung Miami acts bad, spends his cash, twerks, selects clothing and a designer purse or two. He rubs his head in despair and follows her, as she prances out of the Chanel store, arms heavy with multiple “Black Chanel bags.”

The video clip features the song “Act Bad,” and comes on the heels of Diddy’s current summer single featuring Yung Miami, JT and Fabolos. 

As can be expected, social media users sounded off in the comments with their takes on the Diddy/Caresha dynamic. Some spoke to the City Girl sticking around for Diddy dollars:

“Caresha smarter than y’all give her credit for … compare her life before and after diddy,” sweeterthejuicee posted.

“He don’t claim her” but that account cleared every time,” _jworld commented. 

Others spoke to the media mogul’s marketing prowess and the timing of Yung Miami’s IG post. 

“Y’all are marketing geniuses,” breakin_g.curses chimed in. 

As the popular saying goes, “It ain’t trickin’ if you got it,” and we’re quite sure Diddy has deep pockets—and business acumen in and out of romantic relationships. 

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