Disney Parkgoers Upset With New Disability Access Service

Disney Parkgoers Upset With New Disability Access Service

A petition states that the new changes to Disney's Disability Access Service overlooks a wide range of disabled guests.

Disney’s recent modifications to its Disability Access Service (DAS) have sparked controversy among disabled guests and has prompted calls for change.

The revised policy now specifically targets “guests who, due to a developmental disability like autism or similar disorder, cannot wait in a conventional queue for an extended period of time,” as stated on both park websites.

This shift in DAS eligibility has left many disabled guests feeling excluded.

A petition started by DAS Defenders highlights how the changes, implemented in May and June at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, respectively, overlook a wide range of conditions, including cancer patients, veterans with PTSD, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and individuals with rare diseases.

“Disney is a dream destination for countless families…including children with illness and disabilities,” the petition argues, emphasizing that the new policy “sends a clear message that the rights and needs of the disabled community can be overlooked.”

The impact on disabled guests was brought to light when Charisma Mangahas, a 25-year-old with Guillain-Barre syndrome, shared her experience of being denied DAS at Disneyland, as it’s now reserved for “severely disabled or cognitively disabled” guests.

She proposed a discounted Lightning Lane service as an alternative, suggesting it could be an add-on to Magic Key passes. Mangahas’ video has garnered the attention of over 1 million TikTok users.


I was sad snd disappointed but i got mcdonalds to feel better lol I have to made do with what was given but most likely i cant be separated from my caregiver so i wont go on the rides that have longer wait times. I have a Ted Talk that explains my disability but ill make another video soon😭🫶🏽 #disney #daspass #accessibility #fyp

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Disney has also altered the DAS application process, Fox Business reported. At Walt Disney World, guests must now register via virtual video chat up to 30 days before their visit. Disneyland offers both virtual chat and in-person options for same-day requests. Disney has taken a hard stance against those who exploit the Disability Access Service.

In a stern warning issued this April, the entertainment giant declared that any individuals caught fabricating disabilities to secure DAS privileges would face permanent expulsion from all Disney theme parks.

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