Dr Dre, Xzibit Wins Lawsuit Against Their Cannabis Brand Brass Knuckles After Four Year Battle

Dr Dre, Xzibit Wins Lawsuit Against Their Cannabis Brand Brass Knuckles After Four Year Battle

Rappers Dr. Dre and Xzibit have won a four-year legal battle after being sued for allegedly breaching a contract for their weed brand Brass Knuckles.

Yahoo News reports in 2018 the two rappers were sued by three plaintiffs who claimed they were awarded a 14.5% stake in Brass Knuckles, which was less than they initially agreed on.

The lawyer for the two rappers, Larry Ecoff said the three men filed the suit out of greed because it was alleged that Brass Knuckles was worth more than $170 million, instead of the original estimate of $50 million.

Attorney Darren M. Richie further cleared the air concerning the lawsuit on Instagram.

“The truth shall always prevail! Took about 4 years but defended @xzibit, et AI in this case and sued their a** back too. Plaintiff took ZERO, not one penny. We will never back down to BS. People can say whatever they want but be sure to stand up and fight back for what’s right! Case closed notice of settlement publicly filed!”

Xzibit also shared his thoughts on the social media site saying  “Man!! @dre_esquire_ you are the f***** man. Thank you for rockin with us the whole way. #Victory #MovingOn.”

Brass Knuckles sells vape cartridges providing customers with one full gram of premium cannabis concentrate for the ultimate flavor experience. Their cartridges come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, including Skywalker OG, Gelato, GG4, GSC, Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and more.

According to TMZ, Brass Knuckles was also accused of lining the cartridges with pesticides, a claim that was overturned by the California State Supreme Court.

Dr. Dre and Xzibit are just two of a few celebrities that have released cannabis lines as the Schedule 1 drug has been recreationally legalized by 19 states and Washington D.C. Other celebrities that have debuted cannabis lines Jaleel White, Former NBA All-Star Gary Payton, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, John Legend, Mike Tyson and many more.