Drake Invests in New Tech Startup Omni

Drake Invests in New Tech Startup Omni

Drake has plenty of cash on hand and apparently, is smart with his money. The rapper recently invested in a new tech startup called Omni.

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Omni is a service that allows users to arrange to have their belongings picked up and placed in storage. Via the Omni app, a user can set a time for Omni concierge to pick up their items. These items are delivered to Omni’s “state-of-art” storage facility, where they are photographed and cataloged.

Users can keep track of their items using the app and can also arrange to have any items sent back with the app’s Check-Out feature.

Omni will store any items that can be safely carried by one person. Pricing is .25 per item, per month for things of “standard size.” Larger objects such as bikes, guitars, and large-screen TVs are $2.00 per item, per month.

Pick up is free as well as first check-out. By the way, if for some reason a customer wants to store something that they don’t wish photographed and cataloged, they can box it and label it as “private,” and it won’t be opened by Omni concierge.

Drake met Omni’s founder, Tom McLeod through a mutual business partner and both struck a rapport through their shared love of sneakers, reports TMZ. McLeod pitched the company to Drake, who loved the idea.

Other celebrities have invested in Omni as well including Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun; the Boston Celtics’ David Lee; and actress Sophia Bush. McLeod rounded up $2.5 million in angel funding.

Currently, Omni’s service is only available in select zip codes in San Francisco. Also there is only an app in iTunes for now, but a web app and Android version are planned.