Drake, Charlamagne Tha God

Drake Pops Off On Charlamagne Tha God, Calls Him An ‘Off Brand Morris Chestnut’

Drake had some choice words for media personality and radio host Charlamagne Tha God after the host harshly criticized the rapper’s new song with singer SZA.

According to Billboard, on a new episode of Andrew Schultz’s Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne Tha God claimed the new collaboration with SZA entitled ‘Slime You Out’ was ignored by fans and audiences alike.

“What scares me—and it’s not a scare because Drake’s gonna be fine—Drake put out a song last Friday and… nobody cared. The Drake and SZA record,” he said in the segment aired on Sept. 25.

After a member of his production team disagreed with Charlamagne, he replied, “I’m in the group chat, and I’m like, ‘Damn, Drake put out this record Friday, and people just getting to the lyrics on Monday? That’s not Drake-like!”

He continued, “He’s gonna be fine, regardless. I just think that also when you look at the album cover, and you hear the title, For All the Dogs, I think we were looking for something a little bit more harder, a little bit more aggressive. He came out with this slow joint with SZA.”

That’s when Drake turned to social media to “clap back” at the radio host. Drake posted a response to his Instagram stories on Sept. 25, calling Charlamagne Tha God an “off-brand Morris Chestnut.”

“In deep thought about how you the off-brand Morris Chestnut,” Drizzy wrote underneath a photo of Charlamagne from a 2022 photoshoot, comparing him to the Boyz n the Hood actor.

DJ Akademiks wasted no time posting a screengrab of Drizzy’s responses to the media personality.


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The “Marvin’s Room” artist didn’t let up and continued to share his own criticism of Charlamagne in another since-deleted post, writing, “Are you ok, Lenard?? You kinda weirding me out, G. Like you really obsessed with me or something for years, like you look in the mirror and wish you saw my reflection type shit.”


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Charlamagne responded to the Canadian’s clapback. The 45-year-old radio personality claimed that he and Champagne Papi were in cahoots to garner publicity for the singer’s latest track.

“I want to tell y’all something, but you not gonna believe me because I’m lying, but Drake and I plan this out every time he drops an album. I’m part of the album rollout,” he explained. “He drops a record, I critique it, it brings more attention to the record, more attention to the project.

“I keep telling Drake he doesn’t need me to do that; he’s Drake. But for whatever reason, he wants me to do it, so I oblige! It wasn’t always like that, though. Back in the day, I can honestly say I was hating on Drake for fun. It was hilarious, at least to me. He posted one this morning that I forgot I even said where I said there are three sexual orientations—gay, straight, and Drake. Hilarious! But that’s just hate.”

Charlamagne concluded, “After ‘Back to Back,’ and he sent the bottles with the note, ‘Let’s be friends,’ we came to an understanding, and we agreed that whenever he dropped certain songs, I would hate on them in order to bring more attention to the record. I don’t think he needs it. I think it’s crazy he still wants me to do that.”

In 2016, Drake and Charlamagne Tha God reportedly made peace after Drake was seen celebrating with the radio host during his feud with rival Hot 97. The “Find Your Love” singer had been annoyed with The Breakfast Club host making fun of him, but the two seemingly squashed the beef after the latter dropped Drake’s Meek Mill diss track “Back To Back.”