Survey: Employees Are Happier Punching the Clock at Small Businesses

Now is the time of the year to be thankful for much, including people who care about you, shelter, and health. If you work for a small business, a new survey suggests there are additional reasons to be grateful for your conditions.

According to Aflac’s 2018 Small Business Happiness Survey, a robust 87% of employees at small businesses strongly or somewhat agree that working for a small business is more fun than working at a large business. Some 55% of workers report they are indeed happier working at a small business. The insurance giant questioned 1,000 small-business employees nationally, ages 18 and older, working at an organization with 3 to 49 employees for a year.

About 45% of employees view working at a small business less stressful and more fun than working at a larger business. Plus, 36% feel employee happiness is somewhat or very important to their company’s leadership team.

In terms of the best parts of working for a small business, “feeling like a family” received the top rating while “greater ability to make an impact” and more appreciation and recognition for your work tied at 14%. Greater transparency between employees and a more positive work environment took the third spot, each coming in at 10%.

Small Business Perks

So what are some of the top perks being a small business employee? Twenty-five percent of those surveyed said having a flexible work schedule, 19% said feeling more appreciated, 14% said feeling like your impact matters, and 12% said having a greater impact. Observers note those are benefits small business should also consider enhancing for their workforce.

At the same time, the survey revealed some areas small business workers would like to see improved. Salary and affordable health care coverage ranked nearly parallel as the biggest challenges of working for a small business.

When it comes to compensation, the survey found pay equity surging and the majority of employees believing they are being equally paid with their co-workers. Yet, when asked if they feel the small-business industry achieves success when it comes to equal pay, 48% of respondents said yes, but added there is room for growth. And while the future of health care reform and recent government regulations make them apprehensive, the survey showed small business employees are optimistic about their industry going forward.