Fall Asleep to Diddy With a Free Meditation From Audible

Fall Asleep to Diddy With a Free Meditation From Audible

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting so many aspects of our lives, with our well-being at the top of the list. If you’re looking for ways to better manage your stress, and especially if you’re having trouble sleeping, Diddy has a solution for you.

The hip-hop legend and entrepreneur has teamed up with Audible and Thrive Global to offer a free sleep meditation as part of a new collection of resources designed to help people get a better night’s sleep.

“A good night’s sleep is essential for keeping our minds and bodies strong, but it’s not always an easy thing to get—especially now,” states Audible’s website. “To help, we’ve created a collection of free audio experiences designed to invite relaxation and sleep.”

Diddy meditation

Diddy’s 20-minute meditation is intended to help listeners slow down and drift off so they can get the restorative rest so many of us have been lacking as the anxiety produced by the outbreak and the new realities of self-quarantine mess with our sleep patterns.

“To help you get the sleep you deserve, I recorded  a sleep meditation with my friend Arianna Huffington and Thrive,” Diddy told his followers on Instagram, “that is being offered for free—yes for free—on Audible.”

“Listen to me … see I can put you to sleep,” he continued.


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I got a free gift for you … Sweet dreams from LOVE • https://adbl.co/honor

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Here’s the official description of the meditation:

“Honor Yourself” Meditation Guided by Diddy
Find out what it’s like to have the nightly affirmation of a hip-hop legend and entrepreneur in your ear as Diddy, in his signature velvety lilt, confidently guides you through his relaxing and reassuring meditation designed to help you slow down and find inner peace.

And a preview of what you’ll hear:

You can access meditations, bedtime stories, and sound baths from Diddy and a slate of sleep, meditation, and wellness experts through the Audible app at Audible.com/Sleep. And to make it even more sleep-friendly, you can set a sleep timer or cast to a connected device for hands-free listening.

As part of the initiative, Audible and Thrive Global will be donating to Newark Working Kitchens to feed those in need in Newark, New Jersey, and healthcare workers on the front lines.