FAMU Alumna Offers Melanin Sentiments with You Go Girl Greeting Cards

Black female entrepreneur and accomplished author and owner of Opportune Independent Publishing Company, Shanley Simpson, is pleased to announce the global launch of You Go Girl greeting cards, a new specialty greeting card company catering to women of color around the world.

The greeting card company launched Feb. 2, according to a press release.

Simpson is taking the reins to fill a missing sector in the greeting card industry with her new inspiring line of beautiful and unique greeting cards. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience working in publishing, she is the sole founder and CEO of this new venture and is excited about crossing into uncharted waters. Shanley defines her new endeavor this way; “You Go Girl is a greeting card company dedicated to ‘melanated’ women and girls who deserve a special note, just for them. This greeting card company has been curated to fill the space on many retail shelves that do not represent the person purchasing it and/or receiving it.”

The mission statement of You Go Girl is succinctly put into three little words: “To represent her.”

With nearly 22 million black women in the U.S., many have found it difficult to find cards that represent their culture or heritage — until now.

“It can be a daunting task to find the perfect card that represents the flavor of the African American experience. Most cards do not depict people of color in any way. Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, but sadly, most cards don’t cater to the often overlooked, underrepresented people of a darker hue,” Simpson said.

Simpson has developed an array of greeting cards that will remedy this problem.

“You Go Girl greeting cards, in print and digital formats, are made for mature, ‘melanated’ women. We will also offer several greeting cards that highlight young, little girls of color as well. Helping people show love for women of color is my ultimate goal,” said Simpson, who is a Florida A&M University Alumna.

Authentic representation in the greeting card industry is needed.

“Melanin greeting cards should be in the hands of everyone that wants them,” Simpson relayed.