‘FCK Being Fat Fitness’ Is Inspiring and Motivating Thousands to Take Control of Their Health

‘FCK Being Fat Fitness’ Is Inspiring and Motivating Thousands to Take Control of Their Health

Simply put, living a healthy lifestyle starts with you. With so many confusing diets and training routines to latch onto, FCK Being Fat Fitness is as straightforward and brash as the name itself. Started by Zakia Blain, a young woman who admits to struggling with weight all of her life, FBF is a simple challenge that inspires, motivates, and keeps participants accountable. The challenge consists of eight weeks of daily 45 – 60 minute workouts, charts that keep you on track, a list of healthy food choices, and support from a large nationwide community. By publicly journaling her experiences, Zakia is helping women and men stay on course to reach their health and wellness goals.

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BlackEnterprise.com got the chance to speak with Zakia about FCK Being Fat Fitness, how she began her journey, and what’s next for the brand.  

BlackEnterprise.com: What was your inspiration for starting the FBF Fitness?

Zakia: About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain disorder Chiari Malformation which causes me to have sever neurological migraines. I was on a lot of medication with severe side effects, so I started to look into diet and exercise as a way to heal myself and hopefully get off my meds. Once I lost the weight and was medication free I wanted to help others take control of their health by losing weight before they were forced to like I was.

How are you able to differentiate FBF in such a crowded space?

I started FBF to empower everyone to love themselves enough to live their best, most healthy lives, by staying true to our mission. FBF has set itself apart by being inclusive. We show people that health and wellness is not one size fits all. In an industry that often focuses it’s attention on an ideal physique, we uplift and encourage everyone.

When did you realize that FBF could become a force in the industry? 

I realized FBF was a force in the industry when it became successful by word of mouth. Without me pushing any weight loss “products” I made people believe in themselves, and let them know that their results were directly correlated with how bad they wanted it and how hard they are willing to work. Too often when we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle we make excuses for everything, but the FBF Challenge makes members become accountable for their own results. They have to want to save themselves.

With a legion of supporters, how have you been able to use social media to grow the brand? 

Social media has been a blessing for FBF. Through personally  sharing my everyday struggles and triumphs, it allows my members and supporters to see I am just like them. In a world where people can be whoever they want to be online, I stand out for being me. I don’t sugar coat or put on a facade, so when I struggle with life I let people see it. If I get sick, they see it, if I kill my workout they see that too. I’m not portraying a perfect world and people respect that. 

What lessons have you learned along your journey both personally and professionally?

I’ve learned that no matter how good your intentions are for others they must want it for themselves. You can’t make people want better for themselves. I have also learned that we each possess a gift that no one else has, and it is our duty to use that gift to help others.

What is next for FBF?

I am using my influence with FBF to stay true to our “Why” which is empowering people to live their BEST, most healthy lives. We will continue with our FBF 8 Week Weight loss Challenge which has helped over 2,000 members worldwide lose over 90,000 lbs. in three years. We plan on expanding our apparel brand and offering a nutrition aspect with our new FIT GIRL FRESH Meal Prep Service. I also have an assembly program called the ILVHER Project, for girls age 11-17 to promote self-love, positive body image, and health. It is my hope to change how we as women see ourselves, starting at those very transformative years. Other than that I plan to continue to be great and inspire the people I come in contact with to do the same.