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Femmagic Paves All-Natural Way In Feminine Care

Femmagic is making a name for itself in the feminine hygiene space by being a brand dedicated to its cause of uplifting Black women’s health.

Maat Petrova created a feminine hygiene company that raises the standard in safety, inclusivity, and sustainable practices. Femmagic, a portmanteau of “feminine magic,” is her answer. Aligned with Petrova’s ethical values, the brand goes beyond products by creating a community of women dedicated to their wellness, as stated in its press release. Women should feel empowered in their vaginal health, and Femmagic champions that effort, breaking the taboos that are often associated with feminine products.

Petrova, who has more than two decades of experience in holistic wellness advocacy and education, uses natural, chemical-free plant-based ingredients in her Femmagic line.

Petrova’s signature, best-selling products include the Coocheewaa feminine wash and Vagelixir cleanse. Coocheewaa guarantees a PH-safe sensitive wash, while Vagelixir is the go-to remedy for irritation, infection, and discomfort. The products are accompanied by inclusions such as probiotic gummy vitamins, stimulants, and yoni eggs, to complement a full line dedicated to vaginal wellness.


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Femmagic’s commitment to feminine health includes a space for women to engage with accurate information regarding vaginal maintenance, dispelling myths and reducing stigmas associated with certain products.

The quest to revolutionize feminine hygiene products, especially ones spearheaded by Black woman, has been a priority for entrepreneurs. From Honeypot to Salt.Xo, women are putting their vaginal health in their own hands. To that end, Femmagic engages with its clients for its product development,  prioritizing customer input and needs to create a femcare line that fits all.

The luxury feminine care company also hosts workshop events, retreats, and programs as part of its movement to celebrates women’s vaginal and sexual wholeness.

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