Cocoa Brown, fire

Fundraiser Ignites After Fire Destroys Actress Cocoa Brown’s Home

The actress believe a fallen candle caused the house fire that rapidly consumed her entire property and left her with nothing.

A community has banded together to support actress and comedian Cocoa Brown after a devastating fire ravaged her Fayetteville, Georgia, home this week.

The inferno, believed to have been sparked by a fallen candle, erupted so quickly that Brown had to flee with just the clothes on her back alongside her young son, Phoenix, and their pets.

“Cocoa Brown has brought laughter and light to countless lives with her talent and humor. Now, it’s our turn to rally around her and show our support in her time of need,” states a GoFundMe campaign launched by loved ones to assist the star. “While we’re grateful to hear that they are safe, the road ahead is undoubtedly daunting.”

The fundraiser states that Brown and her son lost everything in the blaze and now face the challenge of starting all over.

Sources close to Brown revealed the harrowing moments on Feb. 19 when the fire erupted. According to TMZ, the comedian attempted to douse the flames with an extinguisher. However, the fire rapidly consumed her entire property. With the alarm blaring, Brown realized her only option was to immediately evacuate with her son and pets while they still could.

“Cocoa believes a lit candle may have fallen into some clothes in the house…and by the time the fire alarm went off… CB ran to the room, but it was quickly becoming an inferno,” one source described the terrifying scene.

The “For Better or Worse” star is an accomplished actress who has amassed over 60 acting credits and many comedy specials in her career, but the GoFundMe acknowledges the immense setback of “losing their home” and having to “rebuild their lives from scratch.”

With an initial goal of $50,000, the campaign has already received generous support as Brown’s community rallies around her family during this challenging transition. Brown’s team hopes this support provides some relief and optimism.

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