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Floyd Mayweather Gifts Friend $250K Watch

Floyd Mayweather has gone viral for gifting his friend a quarter-of-a-million-dollar watch this week. The 46-year-old reportedly gave his friend Shuki Diamonds a custom wristwatch on Oct. 5 that was worth $250,000, according to TMZ.

Mayweather shared a video of the exchange. In the clip posted on social media, the proclaimed Money Man said, “The Money Man is back. I’m right here with my main man, Shuki. We in L.A., ballin’ out. This watch right here is going to Shuki. One of my custom pieces. Money Man, y’all know the rest.” 

The gifted timepiece was a pristine cut diamond, white and gold, coming directly from Mayweather’s jewelry collection. 

Shuki Diamonds expressed his appreciation for the gift in the short footage, showing off next to the 50-0 fighter on camera. 

Mayweather has recently been in the media for another example of gift-giving. As previously reported, during the devastating Maui, Hawaii wildfires back in September, Mayweather personally paid for nearly 70 families to fly from Maui to the safety of Honolulu. He provided financial support to cover the extensive hotel costs for all the families, food from local restaurants, and even provied them with clothing after they lost everything they owned in the fires.

Working with H&M, Mayweather got clothes from the retail store and handed them out to the families in Honolulu. He confirmed the reports, but told the outlet that he wasn’t going to give any further comment about his act of charity because he “was not looking to garner additional attention” and just wanted to help the families begin to recover from what they went through. 

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