Floyd Mayweather’s Diamond-Encrusted Baseball Cap is Worth Over $1M

Heavy is the head that wears the crown unless that crown is a baseball cap encrusted with a million dollars worth of diamonds.

Floyd Mayweather was an attendee at last weekend’s epic Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia clash, and he also scored a win that night. According to TMZ Sports, the “retired” boxer was a spectator at the well-attended and talked-about fight and was his usual flashy self. The baseball cap he wore for fight night matched his larger-than-life persona—engraved with his recognizable logo, TMT, which stands for The Money Team. The letters were encrusted with diamonds, and according to the jeweler who created the baseball cap, it was worth over one million dollars.

Spending over $1 million for someone like Mayweather is a drop in the “hat” for him. That is about .0022 percent of his net worth, totaling $450 million.

TMZ caught up with Mayweather’s jeweler, Shuki Diamonds, in Los Angeles, and he informed the media outlet the specially-made cap took him over a month to construct. He said it took him even longer than that to find the perfect “invisible diamonds” for the item.

Saying, “It’s a big process,” he explained that he had to make a mold, sandblast it, and then shine it so it would fit perfectly over Mayweather’s head.

Mayweather was given the cap several weeks ago when both men were together in Dubai. Although the jeweler gifted Mayweather the headwear, he feels the baseball cap could fetch over $5 million if placed on the auction block.

“There’s only one in the world,” the jeweler said. “It’s become historical — it’s Floyd Mayweather.”