J Hackett- Former Felon and Founder of 6 Figure Grants, Launches Grant Suite Software to Help Minorities Gain Greater Access to Funding

Coaching has had a great deal of influence over J Hackett‘s mindset. He wonders if he had a savvy business advisor years ago, maybe he could have taken a different path in life.

An easier path. A route that didn’t take a detour to prison. Since finalizing his sentence and probation in 2018 Hackett has made it a priority to put a focus on helping people like himself learn how to re-enter life outside prison with a purpose bigger than themselves.

He carries the lessons he learned with him in all of his business ventures, helping people from coast to coast be better leaders of their own non-profit organizations.

Hackett has turned his life around these days and is what some people call a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded an award-winning coffee shop in Asheville, North Carolina, called GRIND.

GRIND was recently recognized as the fastest-growing startup in Asheville for 2022.

Additionally, Hackett is the founder of Black Wall Street AVL, which he describes as “a black business incubator that helps start, grow and expand Black Businesses.” While those two business ventures continue to thrive, Hackett still felt he could do more for his community and communities around the country. His knowledge and love for grant writing led him to a passion for helping others learn to write grants for their outreach programs and non-profit organizations.

Hackett’s grant writing company, 6 Figure Grants, exists as an organization that offers online classes on grant writing and funding. Their website provides an array of grant writing tools and tips, including coaching on writing grants, strategy sessions for your business ideas, and a free e-book available for download. You can even hire a dedicated grant writer to help you seek funding for your organization.

Since opening this business, he has secured millions of dollars in funding for his clients, with a large portion going to minority-owned businesses. To broaden his reach even further Hackett created a software that will change the face of grant writing for beginners. Grant Suite is a brain child of Hackett that will pre-write grants for clients, helping them to gain access to the funds their non-profits need to make a difference.

Statistics suggest that minorities have far fewer funding opportunities than others and are likely to obtain less money on average when approved. The purpose driving Hackett’s work in the grant writing space is essential. He explains, “I started this business to help BIPOC leaders have more access to community-based funding that helps them fund their missions and vision without having to use their own money. I felt there were opportunities for everybody, but not necessarily accessible by marginalized groups.”

J Hackett has become a leader in grant writing and non-profit startup coaching. His clients are helping people in need worldwide with the funds they are securing through grant opportunities. There is no doubt that his influence and impact are changing many lives.