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Former Phillies Player Jimmy Rollins To Open Restaurant In The City Of Brotherly Love

Jimmy Rollins and his business partner, Matt DeLima, have named the restaurant Eleven Social.

Former Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins has announced plans to open up a restaurant in the city.

In a partnership with restaurant owner Matt DeLima, the pair are set to open Eleven Social this June or July. Eleven Social will serve American fare out of 117 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia.

The restaurant isn’t set to be a brewpub, despite the in-house brewing equipment still onsite from the previous owners. Instead, it will be a full restaurant, and the equipment will be used to make the bar’s very own branded beer, according to DeLima.

He continued to express that they don’t want it to be sports-themed, but instead just have “a few baseball references to remind you that Jimmy’s a part of it.”

The American menu will be cultivated by a head chef who is yet to be hired. 

The restaurant has dining rooms spread across two floors, and DeLima said that he and Rollins plan on utilizing them to have different vibes. “It will be a good place for a social gathering with good food,” DeLima described. 

The restaurateur recalled how he and Rollins decided on the place.

“I reached out to Jimmy to see if he’d be interested in having a restaurant, and he said we should open one in Philly, [even though] I’ve never lived outside of California.”

After Rollins was put in contact with DeLima by a mutual friend, he knew Rollins would be the right man to partner with.

“Jimmy’s a super social guy, and he loves going out to restaurants,” he said. “He always wanted to own a restaurant and also be involved with all aspects of the business. I didn’t think it was going to be like that because he’s a busy guy.”

Rollins is an active adviser to the Phillies and an analyst for Turner Sports; he also owns a cannabis boutique and lounge in Alameda, California, which lends itself to his business experience. 

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