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Freeway Rick Ross Advises Tory Lanez To Pay For Prison Bodyguard

If there’s anyone who could offer Tory Lanez some advice for surviving prison, it’s former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross.

Lanez was recently transferred to the general prison population at North Kern State Prison in California with no added security. With Ross having served 15 years, he’s expressing his concern for Lanez considering how much “rougher” state prisons are compared to federal.

“He in the state—the state could be rough. Y’know the feds is rough but the state is even rougher because you got different guys in the state than in the feds,” Ross told TMZ.

“You got guys who in there for robbery, sexual assault and stuff like that. It’s a little different in the state, but hopefully Tory will be alright, man.”

Another concern Ross has is the fact Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, is a native of Toronto, Canada, and not the United States and might not have a pre-existing clique to hold him down.

“Him being a foreigner and all, y’know, it’s definitely gon’ be a little different for him,” he said. “Not having a clique that he runs with, definitely it’ll be—could be some issues.”

Reflecting on his time in prison, Ross had protection from the Hoovers set of the Crips gang. But he’s not sure Lanez has the same option.

“Y’know, like with me, I didn’t really run with a particular gang, but the Hoovers always felt like they was supposed to protect me when I was in the joint,” he said.

He’s also worried that Lanez’s celebrity status will work against him rather than to his benefit.

“His background is going to be the biggest detriment to him, y’know, because guys are gonna think that he’s got money and they also gonna be saying that he’s from another country and that he’s not from here. It could be rough on him,” Ross explained.

When the cameraman encouraged Lanez to “clique up” while in prison, Ross explained how that could also work against him.

“If you clique up now, you responsible for that gang, y’know, you have to take care of ’em,” Ross said.

“If they get into something then you have to get into it, so it’s definitely got some issues. Y’know, I just hope that he can figure everything out, y’know, for himself.”

Lanez has been trying to get released on bail amid his attempts for an appeal. But in the meantime, the “Say It” singer is serving out his 10-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in July 2020.

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