Did Gervonta Davis Sign A Cannabis Deal After Winning Boxing Match?

Gervonta “Tank” Davis received a GUMBO chain, reportedly worth $250K after winning the non-title catch fight against Ryan Garcia. According to TMZ, Davis recently signed a deal with Black-owned cannabis company, GUMBO Brands. 

In a YouTube video, Davis is seen wearing his new GUMBO chain while standing next to Karim “Luca” Butler, co-owner of GUMBO Brands,.

“Gumbo, the champ,” Butler said, pointing to Davis’ new chain. “Big chain, nothing little. He knocked that boy out silly.” 

Butler and Alexis Major, co-founder and CFO of GUMBO Brands, created the company as a way to generate “community-based wealth” and ensure that people know their rights when it comes to obtaining cannabis licenses.  

“Our goal is to organize panel discussions in order to help individuals learn and improve,” Butler told Forbes.

“People need to know you can get these licenses or structures if you have a felony and want to operate in the cannabis industry.” 

Prior to working with Butler, Majors worked with NFL players who were addicted to pain medicine. She used cannabis to help wean players off opioids. 

“Many of my players became addicted to opiates to help them cope with excruciating pain they were experiencing,” Major said. “The NFL induces them with morphine, oxycontin, Percocet, and other narcotics so that they can return to the field each week. Marijuana seemed to be something that a lot of the athletes were already into. From there, it was only a matter of locating the most potent strain capable of alleviating their discomfort.” 

Major added that GUMBO is a mix of several types of marijuana that is “unique” and cannot be duplicated. 


While Davis has not publicly made a statement on his involvement with GUMBO Brands, the new strain is reportedly inspired by the former IBF and WBA super featherweight champion, and will be named Ape Sh*t, a term associated with having fun.

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