GloRilla, Joe Biden

GloRilla Stays Mum On Politics During CNN Appearance After Meeting Biden And Harris

Just because GloRilla was hanging out with the President and Vice President recently doesn't mean she's ready to talk politics.

Just because GloRilla was hanging out with the President and Vice President recently doesn’t mean she’s ready to talk politics.

The Memphis rapper appeared on CNN’s Laura Coates Live on Thursday, March 21 where she was asked if her recent visit to the White House for their Women’s History Month reception inspired her to endorse Biden’s 2024 presidential run.

“That ain’t got nothing to do with me,” Glo replied before singing Jill Scott’s 2004 hit, “I’m just living my life like it’s golden.”

“I’m not gonna talk politics, I love the president, I love everybody. But at the end of the day, the day gotta end,” she added.

When asked what it was like meeting the President and Vice President, GloRilla shared her excitement for making it to the White House.

“It was so cool, I was geeked,” she said with a smile. “Everybody don’t get to meet the President and the Vice President, so just being able to be in the White House, like I never in a million years thought I’d be in the White House. Then I was in the White House and got to meet the President and Vice President? Oh, they can’t mess with me.”

Not only did Glo make it to the White House, but she met Biden and Harris and learned that the president knew lyrics to her latest single “Yeah Glo!” She also spoke of the pride she gave her mother, being able to see her daughter take her brand from humble beginnings in Memphis to prestigious events in Washington D.C.

“It means everything to me, because we really did come from absolute nothing. When we was living in that blue house with all my brothers and sisters, nobody never would’ve thought nobody would have been in the White House,” she shared

“It was just a proud moment for my mama. She called me so happy, she was super excited and that’s one of the reasons I be more happy about my accomplishments than anything else, because of how proud my mom and my dad be.”