Patti LaBelle Has A Multimillion-Dollar Food Empire With Her Soul Food Brand ‘Good Life’

You might know her as the “Godmother of Soul,” but Patti LaBelle also knows what makes a good, soulful meal.

The “Lady Marmalade” singer is serving face at 79 years old and started serving food in her 60s, MSNBC reported. She hasn’t looked back.

National Today said LaBelle sold over 50 million records throughout her singing career. It’s safe to say she’s living the good life. Some people slow down with age, but LaBelle fills her time building her comfort food brand, Patti’s Good Life, with her son. They keep the brand functioning financially with money from her successful music career.

The artist showed people her passion for cooking when she started making homemade hot sauces and barbecue sauces 15 years ago. Today, LaBelle is giving people a literal piece of pie with dishes like sweet potato pie and chicken and biscuits, according to her brand’s website. Before starting her brand, she cooked for music heavy hitters like Prince. LaBelle talked about putting her heart into her cooking. She told the news outlet, “So many different people in the industry just loved my cooking … because I cook with my heart.”

Now in her late 70s, the “On My Own” singer has no plans of slowing down. According to the news outlet, she said, “My cooking is going places where my singing career has not gone.”

LaBelle understands that times are hard, and she wants food to be affordable. She said, “When I do put this line out, it’s going to be affordable because some of my friends didn’t have much.” MSNBC reported.

According to Patti’s Good Life site, the singer and cook will add breakfast, wine, and dessert selections to her brand.

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