Golf & Tennis Challenge: Day 2 – Food, Wine, and War

The day was full with fitness, competition, spa treatments and, of course, food. Enter the Island Food Truck Festival! Blessed with Caribbean rhythms from a live band, Golf & Tennis attendees enjoyed delicacies from four food trucks that provided delicious curried and island-spiced meals for blissful consumption.

Food Truck Festival-goers got to taste the offerings starting with the Bar91’s iTruck, which served Chicken & Coconut Pelau and Florida Citrus Mojo ribs. The Rolling Stove truck served up jerk chicken and Rasta pasta. The Island Style Cooks truck had beef stew, rice and peas, steamed veggies, and Jamaican-style curried chicken and rice. And the Key West Conch Shack and Grill truck tempted attendees with blackened Mahi Mahi tacos with fries, and Bahamian conch fritters with fries. Attendees wrapped up the meal with dessert at the Dolce Gourmet Cupcakes truck, which offered a pina colada bundt cake sundae.

After all that grub, it was time for a beverage – like a nice glass of wine. That’s exactly what attendees got at the Wine and Design session, which featured painting, music, mood, and conversation. The artists du jour  enjoyed a glass of wine as they expressed their artistry via a poodle portait under the direction of an instructor.

Then it was time to head over to the Spades tables where the mood was intense but jovial, and the trash-talk was abundant. And if that competition wasn’t stiff enough, the stakes were raised at the Battle of the Sexes, hosted by Chris Spencer. The adventurous men and women who participated played the ultimate trivia game to determine who had the most knowledge about the habits and lifestyle of the opposite sex. The game was intense! Each team didn’t let the other off easy and tensions ran high. Indeed, the men surprised the women with their knowledge of things like credenzas, contouring, and items for weddings. Previous predictions proved incorrect because the women lost big!

But there will be ample time and opportunity for redemption when the Challenge continues tomorrow! Check back here for details!