Halle Bailey, Pregnancy

Halle Bailey Stands By Decision To Have Kept Pregnancy Private

Bailey defended her decision to keep her pregnancy private. 'I had no obligation to expose him, me or my family to that unyielding spotlight.'

During her speech at the 17th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards on March 7, actress Halle Bailey, who recently embraced motherhood, addressed her decision to shield her pregnancy and newborn from the public.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bailey told the audience, “There was no way in hell I was going to share the biggest joy of my world with anyone.” She added that Halo “was my gift, he is the greatest blessing, and I had no obligation to expose him, me, or my family to that unyielding spotlight.”

On the red carpet, The Little Mermaid actress told Extra TV that baby Halo is “so smart, he’s so amazing.” She predicted her son is going to be a “music baby.” She added, “He loves the piano. I feel like I can already hear what his voice would sound like if he started to sing, even through the way he cries…He’s just the most beautiful thing in the world.”

As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the singer and her boyfriend, rapper DDG, kept silent throughout the duration of her pregnancy, even as fans and media outlets pushed the conversation throughout 2023.

Bailey shared photos and videos of her pregnancy on social media in January.

She addressed one critic who assumed she “went out of her way to lie and gaslight about” the pregnancy. Bailey wrote, “I’ll never understand why you are mad I protected my own peace, wouldn’t you do the same? And I’m gonna share my pics now if I want to because my son is here safely.”

In February, BE noted that Essence‘s Black Women in Hollywood event aimed to honor The Little Mermaid actress along with other Black women with noteworthy achievements in film and television. Under the theme of “Radiant Power,” the celebration planned to spotlight Black women’s “strength, grace, and influence” in media.

Gracefully addressing her pregnancy, Bailey accepted her award and thanked Essence for being “the steady light in the fog guiding us to safety.” Her speech honored the women who came decades before her — those who’ve had it “rougher, tougher,” and “harsher” — to make it possible for many in the room to fulfill their dreams.

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