Hampton University and Norfolk State Create Environmental Science Partnership

Two of Virginia’s leading HBCU institutions, Hampton University and Norfolk State University, have entered a partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to help recruit more black students to pursue careers in the fields of environmental science and engineering.

The schools signed off on the partnership Monday, Sept. 8th, with representatives from the EPA speaking about what the partnership means to them.

“Today’s signing further strengthens educational and environmental ties among two historic universities and two committed government agencies,” said EPA”s Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. “By linking education to hands-on work experiences, we can create enthusiasm and a greater appreciation for the environment to spur interest in environmental careers.”

The partnership also continues an EPA program called Linking Environmental and Academic Programs (LEAP), which helps to provide quality environmental science research for students at both universities. At Hampton, LEAP works to enhance a graduate curriculum and air quality research activities. At Norfolk State, LEAP provides ninth-grade students in the Hampton Roads area with opportunities to learn more about environmental science and air pollution.

Under the partnership, students from both universities will also be provided with internship opportunities at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.