Workplace Wellness: Employers Offer Fun, Healthy Office Perks

Workplace Wellness: Employers Offer Fun, Healthy Office Perks

In this challenging economy, many corporations have cut costs by merging positions, forcing employees to do twice the amount of work. To help combat the stress and long hours, many employers are adapting workplace wellness concepts by offering healthy perks.

We’re all aware of in-office massages and gym memberships offered at various offices. Here, the popular wellness publication Well+Good highlights seven companies that offer perks that are off most people’s radar. 

In-Office Rock Climbing Wall
Clif Bar

Clif Bar’s logo isn’t playing. The protein bar company’s Bay Area headquarters includes a 40-foot climbing wall, and employees get 2.5 paid hours of workout time each week, which they can spend scaling it. They can also work out with a personal trainer, attend a group fitness class, get a subsidized massage or acupuncture session, or get nutritional counseling–all without leaving the premises.

Free Bikes
Missy Farren and Associates (MFA)

Missy Farren’s PR firm represents brands that advocate an active lifestyle, so it makes sense that she wants each of her employees to have one, too. In addition to optional early dismissal on Mondays for workouts and monthly group fitness outings to classes such as Equinox’s 30-60-90, full-time employees get a brand-new Schwinn, Cannondale, or Mongoose bike to add calorie-burning to their commutes (or for pedaling leisurely on Sundays).

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