Holiday Travel Guide: Journey to the O.C.

Holiday Travel Guide: Journey to the O.C.

December is filled with holidays that remind us to take in the beauty of beautifully decorated homes, to send and receive greeting cards filled with good cheer, and to share meals that have been prepared with love. We use these winter holidays to marvel at the snow and to rest by cozy fireplaces.

However, if the winter’s cold air and the possibility of snow aren’t exactly what you have in mind this holiday season, consider traveling to California’s Orange County for a change in temperature and style.

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Orange County, more popularly known as the “O.C.,” is a destination worth any plane ride or road trip. Disneyland is one of its hugest attractions, but that doesn’t detract from the miles of beautiful beaches that line the Pacific Coast and, of course, the warm and sunny weather that can improve anyone’s winter blues. If you’re looking for a winter travel vacation that reminds you of summertime, you’ll enjoy the O.C.

Courtesy of my 2016 Kia Sorento, I saw all four of Orange County’s four main beaches: Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and San Clemente.Each of them has their own unique charm and offerings. Now although you may think that the idea of going to a beach for a winter vacation could subdue that holiday feeling, fear not! The O.C.’s attractions and beaches offer winter wonderland themed decorations and activities minus the frigid temperature. You can still sip hot cocoa, take pictures with Santa, go caroling, sit by a fireplace, and even frolic in faux snow.

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