How This Entrepreneur Created Beauty Products Made With Veggies From Her Garden

How This Entrepreneur Created Beauty Products Made With Veggies From Her Garden

Star Fedd, Owner of Aloe Deeki
(Image: Instagram)

The beauty industry can be a lucrative business for the right entrepreneur who knows how to make products that speak to the consumer. With health and wellness becoming more and more popular among Americans, many consumers look for products with natural ingredients and holistic remedies. One entrepreneur decided to make her own products using the vegetables she grew from her garden.

Star Fedd founded Aloe’ Deeki after looking for products to treat her eczema and ovarian cysts that she has suffered from since she was 18 years old. After not finding anything that could treat her delicate skin, she started experimenting with the vegetables that grew right in her backyard.

“I learned to make beauty products from vegetables because of my very sensitive skin. Natural products give your skin what you miss from your diet, and when you use them, there are also fewer side effects. Preservatives in commercial products tend to dry out and damage the skin,” Fedd told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“A client told me to rub aloe on my face for my dark blotches, and I then decided to make a serum of aloe with other oils that I knew were good for skin. It made a major difference.”

The Georgia-based entrepreneur used her cosmetology background to start creating her products and eventually started to share them with her clients.

“I began making an oil for my clients to take home and use on their scalp,” she explained. “After retailing the oil to them for some time, I created my most beloved product, Aloe’ Deeki Face and Body Oil. It was a hit.”

“I then created a third oil to treat razor bumps, and with now three products that worked unbelievably well, it became easy to take them on the road. I had all the confidence in the world that I needed to start my new line.”

Her line includes a range of natural body oils, hand sanitizers, and face serums.