Husband Of Missing Georgia Woman Charged With Her Murder

Husband Of Missing Georgia Woman Charged With Her Murder

The husband of Imani Roberson, the Georgia woman who went missing July 16, has been officially charged with her murder after police discovered her body.

As reported by CNN, Donell Anderson is being accused of killing his wife and mother of his children after she mysteriously vanished while driving home from her mother’s house.

When Roberson could not be reached the following day, her mother immediately went to her home where she could not be found. After reporting her missing to law enforcement, the investigation into her house supported the assumption of foul play involved.

Blood was found in numerous areas throughout the her residence in Conyers, about 25 miles outside of Atlanta. The findings led cops to believe that Roberson was, at the very least, harmed and in danger.

A week after her disappearance, Roberson’s car was found severely burnt, set aflame by who authorities assumed was the perpetrator.

The investigation gained significant progress with the discovery of Roberson’s body. Upon her body’s recovery, the Rockdale County Police Department was able to gather enough evidence to validate an arrest warrant on Anderson.

“When that body was found, it was our mission, especially mine, to make sure that we could convince our judges and/or DA’s office that we have enough evidence to secure a warrant and to get him off the street,” Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said in a statement.

Following his arrest, the sheriff urged individuals in abusive relationships to know that resources are available to help them.

“If there’s anyone that’s out here that is involved in a toxic relationship, whether you are receiving mental abuse, verbal abuse, or physical abuse it is not worth keeping quiet and we need for you to step out and say something so we can end such tragedies like this,” Levett said.

Roberson’s parents are “devastated” by the unfolding of this unfortunate event, and are now in custody of her children. To honor her life, a candlelight vigil was held.

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