The Saga Continues: Jonathan Majors Alleges He Was Assaulted, Not The Other Way Around

According to a recent report, the ongoing saga of the Jonathan Majors domestic violence case has taken another turn.

According to Insider, the Creed III actor filed a domestic violence complaint with the New York Police Department against the woman who alleged that he placed his hands on her. The incident, which occurred on March 25, 2023, in New York City, has placed his once-lucrative career on hold while this case is pending. Although Majors alleges that his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari assaulted him, NYPD police officers did not take action against her.

After a recent court appearance, Majors went to the precinct near the alleged assault in Chinatown in Manhattan and told police officers it was Jabbari who assaulted him, not the other way around. He claimed his former girlfriend was “drunk and hysterical” and assaulted him when she scratched, slapped, and grabbed at his face. Insider was able to obtain the incident report.

The police precinct in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan where Majors resides is also looking into the complaint by Majors.

Both precincts had probable cause to arrest Jabbari, according to the actor’s attorney, Priya Chaudhry. An “incident card,” or “I-Card,” which gives police officers the right to take Jabbari into custody, was issued. Yet, the prosecutors working the court case against Majors did not want to pursue the accusations by Majors. At the urging of the district attorney’s office, the “I-Card” was de-activated, based on a law enforcement source and Chaudhry.

The DA’s office has access to evidence that supports Majors allegations, including surveillance footage of the dispute and photos of Majors’ injuries, Chaudhry stated to Insider in a recently published article. In May 2023, Chaudhry publicly stated that this case was racially motivated against her client, revealing she handed over substantial evidence that prosecutors should have looked over to see that what had been reported was inaccurate. She said the DA’s office was changing how they were approaching the case to match the changes in Jabbari’s allegations. 

Jabbari initially stated that Majors attacked her, broke her finger, twisted her arm, and hit her in the ear — all charges that Majors disputed. The next scheduled court date is set for August 3.