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Ice Cube Sets Twitter Ablaze After RFK Jr. Calls Him A ‘Civil Rights Leader’

Ice Cube has the streets talking after meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who deemed him as “one of the most influential and outspoken civil rights leaders” in America.

The hip-hop mogul has been ruffling feathers since calling out the NBA and Hollywood “gatekeepers” he believes are trying to blacklist his BIG3 basketball league from receiving sponsorship. Ice Cube announced a podcast tour where he would speak out against the gatekeepers trying to keep his league down. 

One stop on Ice Cube’s media tour was The Joe Rogan Experience, where he continued his tirade against the NBA. But with it being JRE, Rogan got Cube to share his take on the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the two openly expressed their skepticism.

Cube and Rogan also extended their support for RFK Jr.’s bid for president and his book that takes aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci and big pharma. This comes after the “It Was A Good Day” rapper revealed the $9 million acting role he missed due to not being vaccinated.

“He seems like a guy who is at least down to deep dive and talk real and dissect what’s really going on instead of just going with the herd,” Cube said of RFK Jr.

Following the interview, RFK Jr. tweeted out a clip of Rogan and Cube’s discussion saying it was “a conversation between @joerogan and @icecube that we should all be having.”


RFK Jr. then set Twitter ablaze on Monday, July 10 when he tweeted out a photo with Ice Cube, referring to the Friday creator as a “civil rights leader.”

“@Dennis_Kucinich and I spent a wonderful evening with one of our country’s most influential and outspoken civil rights leaders @icecube!” he wrote. 


But considering RFK Jr.’s controversial stance on the vaccine and the fact that Ice Cube has never identified as a civil rights leader, many on Twitter had a lot to say.

“When was Ice Cube ever a civil rights leaders?  Provide dates and quotes.  I’ve never heard it.” one person asked.

“What happened to @icecube?” another user wrote


Others questioned why Ice Cube was hanging out with the presidential hopeful. Some believe it is to continue “going against the narrative,” which is something Cube has made a part of his brand since his music inception as part of NWA.

Ice Cube caught heat when he sought bipartisan support for his Contract With Black America in 2020. Now as we head into another presidential election, Cube is already in the hot seat for his ties to one Democratic candidate.


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