Ice Spice, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington

Ice Spice Makes Acting Debuts In Spike Lee’s Upcoming ‘High And Low’ Film

Critics and supporters debate whether or not the rapper's appearance in the upcoming Spike Lee film is a fair casting decision.

Ice Spice, the rising rap sensation, is set to make her acting debut in Spike Lee’s upcoming film “High and Low,” an English remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1963 classic.

According to E! News, the “Princess Diana” hitmaker has landed a small role, appearing in one scene. The rapper will appear in Lee’s film, which stars renowned actor Denzel Washington.

While her breakthrough single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” catapulted her to stardom, the 24-year-old artist’s venture into acting has sparked mixed reactions. Some critics question the wisdom of granting her such an opportunity with an A-lister like Washington so early in her career. “She’s famous for 2 seconds and gets to star next to Denzel Washington when Black actors who worked on their craft all they life will never work with him,” one user responded to the announcement on X. Another added, “Collabs with Taylor Swift then Denzel Washington this soon into fame. Her manager and team are elite.”

However, supporters praise the move, citing the long tradition of musicians excelling as actors and arguing that “performing is performing.”

In a June 2023 interview with Teen Vogue, Ice Spice revealed her long-standing desire to be a part of the film industry. “I love movies,” she confessed, “I always wanted to be a part of that, whether it was [starring in] or helping direct it.” She even harbored dreams of becoming “…the biggest director out of New York,” but her mother opposed her pursuit of performing arts, leaving her “mad salty” about it for years.

The upcoming film, which BLACK ENTERPRISE noted is a passion project for Lee and his fifth collaboration with Washington, follows the downfall of a businessman after making a ransom payment to kidnappers. A24, Escape Artists, and Mandalay Pictures have joined forces to develop and produce “High and Low,” with Lee and Alan Fox penning the screenplay.

High and Low will be released theatrically by A24 before a global launch on AppleTV+.