Is iHeartMedia Looking For A Replacement For Real-Estate Guru DJ Envy?

iHeartMedia is on the search for a new co-host for “The Breakfast Club” in the wake of Angela Yee’s departure and amid DJ Envy’s real estate scandal.

For months the popular morning show has rotated guest co-hosts to fill in the empty seat Yee left late last year. Fans have been wondering when Charlemagne Tha God and DJ Envy would be joined by an official third co-host.

While the third spot has been empty for most of the year, only now has the show’s parent company, iHeartMedia, posting a job ad looking for a new co-host. A new job posting that surfaced online earlier this month shows the audio company’s search for a “Morning Co-Host.”

“What We Need: Creates, produces and announces topics on the radio and social media including music, entertainment, politics, news, weather, sports, traffic and other topics of interest for National Syndicated Morning show The Breakfast Club,” the posting says.

With the job posting coming as attention on DJ Envy’s real estate scandal heightens, many are wondering if the job ad is a sign of trouble for the radio personality. Vlogger DJ Akademiks sparked a debate when he shared the job posting online on Friday, Oct. 19.

“Might as well cancel the whole show because DJ Envy will be in jail,” one person wrote.

“Envy about to get roped into charges for that blatant real estate ponzi… 2 jobs open…,” added someone else.

Another person claimed they would apply for the job “As long as Envy doesn’t ask me to invest into property.”

All eyes have been on DJ Envy after his real estate business partner Cesar Pina was arrested on October 18 for his alleged role in a real-estate Ponzi scheme, Variety reports. Pina was charged with wire fraud for how he allegedly “defrauded dozens of people of millions of dollars,” federal prosecutors claim.

Pina flipped houses in New Jersey with Envy and would often appear on “The Breakfast Club” as “Flipping NJ.” On the day of his arrest, iHeartRadio’s New York office, where the “Breakfast Club” is recorded, was raided by federal officials.

Envy has not been charged with anything and claims he had nothing to do with Pina’s alleged real estate fraud. The radio DJ also claims to be a victim himself.

“Oh, I just want to say this on close. I’ve never I’ve never stole anything from anybody. And, I’ll just leave it at that,” DJ Envy said during a live recording of the show.

“I didn’t see a dollar of return. I do nothing but try to uplift people and show people a different way to the business model.”

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