In Her Shoes and Sundial Brands Recognize and Celebrate #BlackManBrilliance with “The Brothers Behind the Brands” Event

In Her Shoes and Sundial Brands Recognize and Celebrate #BlackManBrilliance with “The Brothers Behind the Brands” Event

(From left to right: Richelieu Dennis, Ouigi Theodore, Renae Bluitt, Emil Wilbekin and Alzo Slade. Image courtesy of @dangerofromance IG)

Last week, presented the inaugural event ‘The Brothers Behind the Brands’ at WeWork in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to a packed room of digital and cultural enthusiasts with one mission in mind: learn the art of brand building from a black man’s point of view while recognizing their brilliance in the world of business, fashion, and media

Sponsored by Sundial Brands and powered by our very own Black Enterprise (BE Modern Man), the illustrious panel consisting of Slade, co-founder of Grits & Biscuits, Emil Wilbekin, founder of World of Wilbekin (WOW), Ouigi Theodore (founder of The BK Circus) and Richelieu Dennis (co-founder of Sundial Brands) shared the secrets of being successful entrepreneurs to’s Renae Bluitt.

Driven by the idea of innovation and progressiveness, each panelist spoke of their inspiring journey and vision from a creative  standpoint. “You have to believe in your vision more than anyone else,” Wilbekin stated. “My sense of purpose was to move to New York City and push culture for people of color like Rolling Stone did for white culture.”

The room, mostly filled with black women, agreed and applauded when each gentlemen accredited their success and business acumen to the strong women in their lives. “I saw positive examples of entrepreneurship growing up. I learned to be calm in times of adversity from my mother and grandmother. I saw them be successful with their ventures and therefore I became successful,” says Dennis.

When asked how to juggle personal and business lives when building a brand, Alzo Slade replied, “I really don’t consider what I do work because I enjoy everything I do. I enjoy the freedoms of being an entrepreneur and make sure to surround myself with people who continue to inspire me.”

Entrepreneurship is challenging at times, especially for a black man. But Ouigi considers it be like any other job. “Perseverance, hard work, and having a perspective in whatever it is you choose to contribute is what it’s about.”

Well said my brothers. Well said!

World of Wilbekin (WOW) Founder Emil Wilbekin

Sundial Brands Co-Founder Richelieu Dennis

Grits & Biscuits Co-Founder Alzo Slade

Event signage

(Additional images courtesy of BE Modern Man)

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