Internet Relationship Expert Derrick Jaxn Honors Ex-Wife With Heartfelt Mother’s Day Post

Not all divorces end in turmoil, as some couples tend to have mutual respect. The highly controversial Derrick Jaxn’s marriage seems to be one of those examples so far.

Internet relationship guru Derrick Jaxn honored his ex-wife, Da’Naia, on Mother’s Day with a heartfelt message. Posted to Instagram, Jaxn honored her for her dedication to their three children although they are no longer together. “Thank you for showing up for them, even in times you struggled to show up for yourself,” Jaxn wrote.


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“Mothers like you don’t get enough credit, but on today, I hope you feel as appreciated as you are.” He continued, saying, “Our children are blessed to have you in their lives and I will always honor you for the endless sacrifices you make for them.”

Many posted comments in support of Jaxn showing love. “I really like Danaia, I can tell she is a good woman. Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart,” one user wrote. “This was very honorable of you Derrick God bless,” another wrote.

Jaxn and his estranged wife have managed to stay out of the spotlight recently after he filed for divorce in December 2022. The former couple made an odd video that went viral as Jaxn admitted to being a serial cheater after seemingly being exposed by other women. Shortly after Jaxn filed, photos of him in Miami with another woman appeared. After the picture was posted, he announced he and Da’Naia had been separated for almost a year.

The father of three isn’t the only one adjusting to a new attitude post-divorce. The former Mrs. Jaxn appeared on social media, showing off a new, more relaxed look. Dr. Kia Moore tweeted, “She has found herself!”

She immediately gained praise from spectators and critics.