Black Women-Owned Artist Collective Receives Intuit Mailchimp Awards $100K Unrestricted Grant

An Atlanta-based Black women’s artist collective is one of 10 recipients of a major grant.

TILA Studios received $100,000 of unrestricted funding from popular tech company Intuit Mailchimp, headquartered in Atlanta, as part of their $1 million pledge to support Atlanta’s local creative community, a press release read. TILA is 24/7 safe haven for members to create and collaborate, offering what they describe as “a chic, New York, Loft-like artist haven.”

The grant will help each recipient, described as “vital arts organizations in our hometown,” contribute to different initiatives, showing Mailchimp’s commitment to demonstrating the power of the creative economy – driving positive change, inclusivity, and the betterment of the Atlanta community. 

Executive director of TILA Studios, Tiffany Latrice, said the support from Intuit Mailchimp means a lot, as many creative studios like them are often overlooked by major corporations.

“We’re not just a creative organization, but we’re also a Black organization, and a creative Black women’s organization at that, so the opportunities to receive funding the way that other businesses or organizations do are not as plentiful,” Latrice said.

Mailchimp executives like Lain Shakespeare, senior director of corporate citizenship, said this is only the beginning. According to Arts ATL, the company said the $1 million represents only a small fraction of what Atlanta’s creative space really needs.

“Small and medium-sized arts organizations are the heartbeat of Atlanta’s creative economy,” Shakespeare said. “Many of these arts organizations are our customers, our partners and the places where our employees volunteer.”

“We’re proud to help power their prosperity and help grow creative excellence in our hometown.”

Other awardees included Dashboard, Living Walls, Moving in the Spirit, RE:IMAGINE, True Colors Theatre, The Atlanta Music Project, MODA and Atlanta Contemporary. TILA says it plans on using the money to support some of its existing programs, like the award-winning and nationally-recognized Garden Fellowship, a 15-month program helping artists take their careers to the next level.

“I’m glad that Intuit Mailchimp sought to invest its money in the local creative community,” Latrice said.

“It means a lot that they see us and support our ambitious vision to uplift and amplify the voices of Black women artists.”

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