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Isabella Strahan’s YouTube Series Chronicles New Challenges As She Struggles To Walk Amid Second Round Of Chemotherapy

Strahan said she can barely walk without getting lightheaded breathless, but the exhaustion feels completely different from her head pains.

A recent update on 19-year-old Isabella Strahan’s YouTube series revealed new battles for the model after undergoing her second round of chemotherapy. The daughter of Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan is dealing with symptoms amid her second round of chemotherapy for her brain tumor.

The March 27 post, “Vlog 17: Mood for food!,” followed Strahan at the Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, following her treatment. “I feel like every time I come here, I have a new problem,” the teen said. “Last time it was my head,” which episode 12 of her series noted sent her in for a second craniotomy. This time, she said she could barely walk without getting lightheaded or out of breath.

She described the head pain and exhaustion as complete opposite symptoms. “At least when I wanted to cut off my head, I could take pain medicine. Like, now I can’t take like anti-exhaustion medicine.” Strahan shared that this time around she is actually in the mood for food when she leaves the hospital. “I feel like I’m eating more, but I weigh less,” she added while covered up in her favorite blanket, which features several positive words like “faith,” “strength” and “courage.”

The post confirmed that Strahan is eating two meals a day now.

BLACK ENTERPRISE previously mentioned the student’s battle with severe fevers following her first round of chemo. The persistent fevers had landed her back in the hospital less than 12 hours after being discharged.

Strahan has posted 17 installments of her chemo journey so far since undergoing an emergency surgery last October to remove a medulloblastoma brain tumor. The tumor was removed on Oct. 27, 2023.

She has also used her platform to call attention to LSU safety Greg Brooks Jr., who BE noted also underwent surgery for a cancer diagnosis last year. The college football player was also diagnosed with the rare medulloblastoma. Strahan dedicated Vlog 16 to Brooks Jr. as she and her family paraded the hospital room with “Pray for Greg Brooks Jr.” sweaters. Following Strahan’s initial attempt to get in contact with the athlete who’s story has inspired her, she connected with the family through his grandmother, who had reached out.

The teen continues to encourage donations for The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

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